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H&MU | Part 2

So you have booked in the amazingly talented Hilary Holmes Makeup or Momu Hair & Make-Up or Cassandra DeBruin for your big day – what do you need to consider now?

Fashion trends or celebrity looks that you are aspiring for. Be realistic. Yes, I would love to look like Eva Mendez but I know I am never going to pull her look off, but one can dream! Take photos with you, screenshots, pictures out of magazines, Pinterest albums, facebook or insta pics so your H&MUA knows exactly the look you want.

Know what your look is – is it casual and natural or glamorous and extravagant? A lot of this will have to do with your personality and the style of your wedding day. You might be natural, shy and unassuming in real life, but come your wedding day you might want to be a high-glam fashion Queen and be channelling your inner Kardashian! You need to know this before you sit down with your H&MUA, otherwise half your appointment will become a counselling session as they try to work out the inner you!

The time of year and location of your wedding may play a big factor in your H&MU decisions. Getting married in Winter by the fire place at Empire Grill will enable you to have long flowing curls compared to on the green at Peppers The Sands Resort where the wind may pick up and you will benefit from having your hair up and out of the way. You need to factor in your ceremony location, the season and what the weather may be doing.

I know for me, if my hair is curled and out all day, by the end of the night I just want it up in a bun out of my face and off my neck as I feel like it is weighing me down – how will you be feeling with your hair by 10pm after having had it done for 12 hours and you are about to hit the dance floor with your girl squad?

Take the time to think about it.

Do you always wear your hair OUT, every day, all day and no one has ever seen you with your hair up before? Do you want your wedding day to be the first time you try out this style and have your fiancé see you walk down the aisle with a hair doo they’ve never seen before???

What is your dress like? Does it have a low-cut back and you want to be able to show this off at every angle, so you will have your hair up with no veil? Or is all the detail on the front of your dress so you can afford to have the back covered with your luscious locks of hair?

It is a great idea to have your dress and veil or no veil locked in before a consultation with your H&MUA, they would love to see a pic of you in your dress too so they can make sure what they work on with you will match your dress on the day! An embellished, sequinned beaded dress might look better with natural, understated, nude tones of make-up. Whereas an understated dress might benefit from pops of colour and bright lipstick with your make-up!

What earrings or necklace will you be wearing? How might that affect your H&MU on the day?

What colour is your dress, or the attendants dresses – how will ALL your hair and makeup work together. Will you be matchy-matchy or give your support team freedom of choice?

Speaking of your tribe around you – who else will need their H&MU done on the day? Your Bridesmaids or Bridesmen, Groomswomen, Groomsmen or even the Groom! (Barbers also keep very busy Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings prepping for Weddings!) Your Mum, Mother-in-law to be, Step Mum, Aunty, Grandmothers, Cousins, Nieces, your BFF that isn’t in the Bridal party but you bravely asked her to be the MC and you are offering to get her H&MU done for her to sweeten the deal for her to say “YES”! (Cheeky I know!)

Are you a same-sex couple and as two Brides you have 5 Bridesmaids each, 2 Mothers, 4 Grandmothers, and 6 flowers girls – that is 24 heads of hair and 24 faces that need to be beautified before 2pm!!!!! And your wedding is a 3 hour drive from the nearest town….. Your H&MUA will need to know ALL OF THIS well in advance!

Then we haven’t even covered the hair colouring, hair cuts, facials, treatments, nails, eye lash extensions, eye brow feathering or tattooing, fake tanning, waxing, shaving, cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating and mud masks to get you and your team ready for the big day!!!!!

Let alone the look, feel and types of products available on the market as your primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighting, contouring, eyebrows, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, fake lashes and setting spray!!!!


See what I mean by serious business!

I was clearly not joking!

If in doubt check out some of these H&MUA that us at the GCC fan girl over and take this blog post with you to your first appointment to make sure you haven’t overlooked a thing when it comes to amazing hair and make-up!

Check out some of our fave Geelong based HMUA:

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