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H&MU Tips | Part 1

The funny acronym to say, but we mean serious business!

So… you’re engaged, you’re in the midst of wedding planning – you have your wedding date, time and location locked in! Yeah!

Hopefully you have your Celebrant (wink wink, nudge nudge) and Photographer locked in too. Next – let’s look at your H and MUA! If you haven’t figured it out yet – that is your Hair and Make-Up Artist! It is a growing trend for couples to leave booking important elements of their big day to the last minute. Not the day before the wedding last minute, but 3 or 4 months before the wedding day last minute. And in the world of weddings and premium, high-quality, top end wedding suppliers that are booked out 18 months in advance… a few months before is last minute.

So just like all your suppliers if you have a favourite, that you have seen in action, that you have been following on Instagram looking forward to the day your lover proposes so you now have a valid reason for following them…

THEN BOOK THEM IN NOW! ASAP! Yesterday even!

Why wait?!?! There is only ONE OF THEM and you don’t want to miss out, so if you love them – BOOK THEM!

Celebrants, Venues, Photographers, Hair and Make-Up Artists, we are all the same. The good ones book up fast!

So, don’t delay!

You may not need to choose your colour theme, your style or have a trial a year out from your wedding, but if you love Cassandra De Bruin or BLUSH or Blondie then TELL THEM and BOOK THEM!

Once you have them locked in, then you have peace of mind and time to work out all the other factors (see below!)

But… if you are deciding between a few and don’t know who will be the perfect H&MUA for you, then yes, the above may not apply and you will have to have a few trials.

Yeah – fun!

Don’t just have a hair trial for the sake of it, then go home wash your face off, put your PJ’S on and go to bed.

Make the most of it!

(Because we all…. always…. wash our face before bed right?)

Organise it before a night out with the girls, before a new job interview, before meeting the in-laws to be for the first time maybe – so you can actually make the most of your stunning H&MU and see how it wears, see how it lasts the night, see how to copes on a 40 degree day, see how it photographs in different light and even… if you have it…. see how it looks in your WEDDING DRESS!!!!

Maybe tie your H&MU trial in with your engagement shoot with your gorgeous fiancé and your amazing photographer (like Jake Hogan, Stef Driscoll or Monika Berry to name just a few….) and have a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Maybe even hold the shoot at your wedding ceremony location such as Mt Duneed Estate or Provenance Wines or The Warehouse maybe???

Or your trial could be just before your Engagement Party, or your Hen’s Day or your Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea…. Just don’t let that beautiful hair and make up go to waste!

So what do you need to consider and discuss with your H&MUA so you are both on the same page and can deliver a flawless dream look that you have always pictured for your magical day?

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2…. to be continued.

In the meantime, check out some of our fave Geelong based HMUA:

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