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What should you ask when meeting with a Celebrant?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

What is your style? Before meeting your celebrant I’m guessing you will have googled them to death - and so you should! This gives you a really good insight into their personality and how they interact with their couples. Check out their Facebook and website pages for their reviews, which are mega-important, but their Insta posts will also highlight their day-to-day activities and what rocks their boat. Are they relaxed, easy-going and up for a bit of fun? Or, do they convey a formal, more structured approach? I’m not saying either is right or wrong but it’s what suits the two of you that’s important. You may have always dreamt about having a very traditional, formal wedding ceremony. You may have recently been to a wedding where there was cheering and hollering and lots of woot, woots! And now you’re looking for ideas and suggestions you’d never ever have considered. So, when you meet your potential celebrant for the first time, ask them, what is their style? What sort of weddings do they prefer to be involved with? How do you create a ceremony? This will be an important question if you want a personalised , bespoke ceremony written just for you. You may be happy with an off-the-shelf, pre-written ceremony that gets the whole thing over and done with quickly. Or, you may not. When you meet: is the celebrant engaging with you? Is she/he asking lots of questions and taking notes. Does he/she have ways of gathering information about the two of you and what makes your relationship tick. Have they got suggestions about different ways to incorporate your ideas? Or, is he/she nodding and agreeing with everything you say but has already got the ceremony done and dusted in their mind. A ceremony that is going to engage your guests and create that special feeling and make you smile every time the two of you look back on it in years to come, is what we all aim for at GCC. We want you both to love your wedding day and we see your ceremony as the kick-starter.

After witnessing so many celebrations, what do you think is key to creating a fantastic ceremony? Most couples focus on the reception and ensuring it’s an enjoyable, fun party for their guests. Not everyone realises that the ceremony can actually set the vibe for the rest of the celebrations and so they don’t have too many preconceived ideas about what to include, or more importantly, what NOT to include. Some have memories of attending boring, lengthy ceremonies and just want to get the whole thing over and done with. It definitely doesn’t have to be that way and we, in Australia, are leading the way with engaging, quirky or just downright fun ceremonies. Definitely ask your celebrant about their ideas for creating an amazing ceremony.

This post has been written by the gorgeous Sue Warner | Bellarine Celebrant 

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